U.S. Avalanche Accidents Reports


Special thanks to CAIC, who help to collect accident reports and maintain the national database.


Date Place Fatalities State Country Activity Summary
1999-05-14 Blue Lake area near Sitka 1 AK USA OTHER 2 hikers caught, 1 killed
1999-04-30 University Range in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, Ultima Thule Peak 1 AK USA OTHER 3 climbers caught, 1 buried, and killed
1999-04-27 Mount McGinnis, near Juneau 1 AK USA SNOWBOARD 1 snowboarder, caught, buried, and killed
1999-04-16 Talkeetna Mountains near Cantwell 1 AK USA SNOWMOBILE 7 snowmobilers caught, 3 injured, 1 dead, 6 machines damaged
1999-04-15 Cordova 1 AK USA OTHER Construction worker caught, buried and killed
1999-04-07 Near Ophir in SW Colorado 1 CO USA SKI 1 skier caught, buried, and killed
1999-04-03 Chugach Mtns.; South of Eureka, AK 1 AK USA SNOWMOBILE 2 snowmobilers caught, 1 buried, and killed.
1999-04-02 Wood Camp Hollow, Logan Canyon   UT USA SKI 1 skier caught
1999-03-21 Powerline Pass in Chugach State Park   AK USA SNOWMOBILE 3 snowmobilers caught, 2 buried
1999-03-21 TURNAGAIN PASS, Alaska 6 AK USA SNOWMOBILE 10 snowmobilers caught, 6 buried, and killed, 3 injured
1999-03-21 Sping Canyon, near Coalville   UT USA SNOWMOBILE 1 snowmobiler caught, leg broken
1999-03-15 Rainbow Mountain, near Whistler   BC CANADA SKI 1 heli-ski guide caught, buried, and injured
1999-03-12 Alyeska Ski Resort   AK USA SKI 2 skiers caught and partially buried in large slide
1999-03-06 Arasta Creek, in the Gravelly Range   MT USA SNOWMOBILE 2 snowmobilers caught, 1 buried, blue, and very lucky
1999-02-27 Kokanee Provincial Park   BC CANADA SKI 3 backcountry skiers caught, and injured
1999-02-20 Portneuf Range Caribou National Forest   ID USA SKI 1 skier caught and injured
1999-02-14 Near Mt. Baker 2 WA USA SNOWBOARD 1 snowboarder dead; 1 skier caught,buried-still missing and presumed dead
1999-02-10 Hailey   ID USA OTHER Park damaged, deer herd killed
1999-02-09 Town of Hailey   ID USA OTHER 3 houses damaged by avalanche
1999-02-06 Lone Peak Area, Little Cottonwood Canyon 1 UT USA SNOWSHOE 1 snowshoer caught, buried, and killed
1999-02-06 Cumberland Pass; 25 miles East of Crested Butte 3 CO USA SKI 4 caught, 1 partly buried, 3 buried and killed. (2 skiers, 1 snowmobiler)
1999-02-06 Lake Mary area, near the Tahoe-Donner summit 1 CA USA OTHER 3 caught, 1 buried and killed
1999-01-30 Grand Mesa 1 CO USA SNOWMOBILE 1 snowmobiler caught buried and killed
1999-01-29 East side of Mount Nebo 1 UT USA SNOWMOBILE 1 snowmobiler caught buried and killed
1999-01-29 Blue Mountains 1 OR USA SNOWBOARD 1 Snowboarder caught buried and killed
1999-01-27 Grouse Mountain, near Vancouver 1 BC CANADA OTHER 5 hikers caught, 4 injured, 1 missing and presumed dead
1999-01-23 MacAtee Basin, 10 miles S. of Big Sky   MT USA SNOWMOBILE Snowmobiler Survives Avalanche in Southwest Montana
1999-01-22 Near the Aspen Highlands Ski Area 1 CO USA SKI 2 Out of bounds skiers, 1 caught buried and killed
1999-01-19 Casper Bowl, Jackson Hole 1 WY USA SNOWBOARD 1 snowboarder swept over 300' cliff and killed
1999-01-18 Near Mt. Baker 1 WA USA SNOWBOARD Snowboarder caught, buried-still missing and presumed dead
1999-01-14 Near Lake Louise 1 AB CANADA SKI 2 skiers caught, 1 buried and killed
1999-01-07 Terrace, British Columbia Jan 7, 1999 2 BC CANADA OTHER Two avalanche technicians, caught, buried, and killed
1999-01-05 Tri-County Peak, Park City   UT USA SKI 2 skiers caught and buried, 3 skiers fired and cited
1999-01-04 Togwotee Pass, WY > Dry Lake Creek Area 1 WY USA SNOWMOBILE 1 snowmobiler, caught, buried, and killed
1999-01-02 Southeast of Fairview, Utah 2 UT USA SNOWBOARD 2 snowboarders, caught and killed outside of Fairview, Utah
1999-01-01 Northern Quebec, Kangiqsualujjuaq village 9 QB CANADA OTHER School gymnasium with 500 people inside, 9 killed, 25 injured
1999-01-01 Beaverhead Mountains above Rock Island Lake   MT USA SNOWMOBILE 2 snowmobilers caught, not buried, not injured. very lucky.
1998-12-30 Missoula Lake area, Bitterroot Mountains 1 MT US SNOWMOBILE 1 snowmobiler/shoveler caught, buried, and killed
1998-12-24 Cypress Mountain 1 BC CANADA SNOWBOARD 1 snowboarder caught, buried, and killed
1998-11-15 Lima Peaks area south of Dillon 1 MT US OTHER 1 Hunter caught, buried and killed
1998-11-14 Yoho National Park 1 BC CANADA OTHER 6 hikers caught, some injured, 1 fatality
1998-11-13 Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park 1 BC CANADA SKI 6 caught in 2 seperate avalanches, 1 missing and presumed drowned
1998-11-07 Mt. Baldy, Little Cottonwood Canyon 1 UT US SNOWBOARD 5 Snowboarders caught, 1 killed, 1 seriously injured